Beginners meditation course

We offer a wide range of courses, retreats and group meditations in the heart of London, from beginners with little or no experience all the way to the most advanced levels. Personal meditation taught by two highly experienced (and friendly!) people. Our centre is situated right by London Victoria station.

  • Weekend and weekday evening courses in central London
  • Course = 4 consecutive classes
  • The first session is a one hour individual consultation
  • The following 3 classes are taken as a small group (2 hrs each)
  • The technique is customised to each individual, ensuring ease of practise & maximum results
  • FREE aftercare for life, including weekly group meditations and follow up support
  • Discounts available to students
  • Children under 10 learn for FREE

Over 1,000 people have taken this course already

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Review lily
‘Each month I feel lighter, more loving, compassionate, clearer and wiser - more flowing and connected with life! I would recommend Will and the team's Vedic meditation introduction course to anyone! They have a personal approach that makes one feel supported, held and entrusted throughout the course and thereafter.’
Lily, Pilates Teacher, London
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Review emma
‘The teaching is brilliant with Will offering his deep knowledge in a realistic and understandable way. Also the ongoing support from the whole team who are on hand by email or phone really made this course stand out for me, knowing they are there for any queries that might pop up, stands out so much from other meditation courses and you feel they really do care how their students progress.’
Emma, Property Auctioneer, London
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Review simon
‘I was immediately impressed by Will's friendly approach and his obvious passion for all things meditation. He is such an open and charming fellow and it seemed the whole group was getting on with him famously, myself included. Will really is a truly inspiring meditation teacher and his commitment to teaching and bringing its benefits to his students is hugely impressive.’
Simon, Graphic Designer, London
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How does it work?

  • The technique is tailored to each individual.
  • During the first session of the course, you are given a personalised sound that you use as a means of accessing a deep meditative state with ease and comfort. You repeat this sound silently in your mind with your eyes closed.
  • The unique quality of this sound resonates with your particular nervous system,allowing you to enjoy a profound state of rest and relaxation.
  • In this place of deep rest, all systems within mind, body and nervous system can repair and rejuvenate.
  • You will soon find that a sense of calm, clarity, creativity and strength permeates your everyday life. Life is richer, more joyful and more inspiring.

Where is it?

Where is it london

Howick Place, London Victoria, SW1P 1WG

Will and the team’s Meditation HQ is perfect for teaching the ancient art of Vedic meditation. It is a large, light filled space with great views over London.

A relaxed and calming atmosphere with comfy sofas and tea on tap!

Your experienced trainer


I'm Will,

an independent teacher of Vedic meditation. With 7 years experience, I am humbled to be one of the few masters to be taught by my dear friend, Maharishi Vyasananda.

Read my journey

Course schedule

We've outlined the schedule of our beginners course schedule below, and we ask that you attend all the sessions whereever possible to give you the best possible start to your meditation experience. You can always give us a call to talk through if you have any scheduling issues.

Session 1: During this session, you will be given your personal sound and some initial instructions so that you can enjoy your first meditation during this class. It is a beautiful experience. This session will last one hour and you can select the time that best suits you, to make it as convenient as possible. These are one-to-one sessions and start as early as 6am (gulp!) and the last is at 9.30pm for the late birds!

Session 2: This is a group session where you are given the core principles of how to meditate using this technique, providing the platform for you to be able to meditate with complete confidence. It's a relaxed forum where we answer all your questions, workshop your experiences and provide refinements so that you can utilise the meditation in the most optimal way. We will then enjoy a group meditation at the end of this 2.5 hour class. It’s a great experience and wonderful to get to meet new people.

Session 3: This session is all about helping you understand the effects of the meditation at the physiological and a neurological level. This is a really interesting exploration into the mechanics of this technique and how and why it delivers such profound benefits. Further refinements of the practise will be given so that you can continue to enhance your experience. Again, this will take place over 2.5 hours in a group setting.

Session 4:* During this final instalment, we will delve into the wonders that await you as your experience develops and your conscious awareness expands. You will be given all the tips and tricks on how to make use of this technique in special life situations, whether you're ill, facing intense levels of demand, travelling long distance, or simply need to be on top form. There are numerous situations in life where having an effective tool will be tremendously helpful to you, and it’s our job to ensure you are the beneficiary of its multi-faceted bounties. This 2 hour group session will be the last of the course and by this time, you will be a completely self-sufficient meditator with lifelong access to us should you need it.

All the sessions take place from our base in Howick Place, London Victoria (5 mins walk from the station).

​​* Please note that when we do 3 session courses, sessions 2,3 and 4 are combined into two sessions lasting approximately 3 hours each.


What are the benefits of doing Vedic meditation?

Firstly, it is extremely easy to do. In fact the universal feedback is that this is the easiest form of meditation there is. It is also the most effective technique we know of for combating stress, anxiety and insomnia, and for developing present moment awareness, creativity and self-confidence. It doesn't matter if your mind is noisy, whirling and overactive - the technique does not require concentration. It is customised to each individual so that it works for everyone. And you'll be amazed how easy it is to reach the deepest states of relaxation even in the busiest and most hectic of environments. The bus, tube, train and plane are all perfect places in which to meditate. It is portable, practical, non-religious and really enjoyable and you will start noticing benefits almost immediately. It's an incredibly effective tool for living a full and inspiring life.

Am I going to have to sit cross legged or do any chanting?

No. Its a bit of a classic stereotype but these things are completely superfluous to effective meditation and can actually be somewhat counter-productive. We are all about providing meditation that is easy, comfortable and enjoyable, and which can be done at your convenience anywhere you wish, on public transport, in the coffee shop, on a park bench or in any environment you can think of. Most people assume you're simply resting your eyes, when in actual fact you're having a deep and blissful experience.

What are the advantages to learning with Will?

Will is one of the most highly trained meditation teachers in the world. Receiving personal instruction from a master teacher, such as Will, makes a big difference to how quickly you can enjoy high level meditative experiences and start benefiting from this most profound technique. You will be a self-sufficient meditator in one weekend with all the background knowledge and confidence to meditate in any place and in all different life situations - be it in preparation for an important meeting, or to prevent jet-lag. Will's a really approachable and knowledgeable teacher who teaches in a relaxed and humorous way. He's a great giggle and you'll feel very comfortable asking any questions you have. And thereafter, Will and the team will be with you all the way, answering any and all of your queries, opening their doors to weekly group meditations which you are welcome to for life, and answering any questions by phone or email. Versed in an abundance of specialist knowledge and additional techniques, they can help you develop your practise to masterful levels.

How much does it cost?

We wish to offer the best training at the lowest possible price to spread our message and make it accessible for all those who wish to learn.

The standard price is £294 split over 3 x monthly instalments of £98 to help spread the investment. Included in this one-off fee is the course, and also:

  • Unlimited free after-care support from myself and my other super lovely colleagues
  • Access to unlimited weekly group meditations
  • Free refresher courses
  • Discount available for students

Your first instalment will act as your deposit and is required upon booking. You’ll then receive a friendly email nudge a few days before the next pennies are due with a payment link where you can add in your details. We’re all about making it as easy and as effortless as possible!

Have questions?

Call Will and the team on 0207 127 5008
(available Mon-Sat 9am-9pm). They're always happy to answer any questions you may have.
Drop us an email at
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